The right time to survive

Now it's the right time for me to look to myself and the passing year 2016.


Was it a good year or was it a bad one? But that is not my intention to look was it black or was it white. I look deeper in my self and I'm afraid of what I will find inside of me? Crazy! But I feel that was a very good (god) year. Most of the time I was busy with things I love to do. I seed very deep and good plants. And that is a very good feeling because your inspiration will grow up and your potential will growing day by day. 


But always I think twice: There are also a lot of angrys and worries about my life and the life of my buddys, because things are always changing. One good soulbrother of mine  died in november and I'm very sad about. I felt the pain deeply. Now he is gone away in another world in another life. I'm glad that I'm knew him. My love will always be with him. 


This morning I looked in my mirror and I see beautiful life. And than I looked for the little girl deep inside of me. She is a little shy and sometes she's needing a little supporting love and everytime when I look in my eyes I see how beautiful she is <3

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Manche Menschen lieben Dich.

Manche Menschen hassen Dich.

Manche Menschen kennen Dich.


Nimm den Hass nicht persönlich und lasse dich nicht verunsichern. Achte auf Deinen eigenen inneren Frieden und bleibe in Deiner eigenen Mitte und im Gefühl der Liebe.

Meist ist der Dir entgegengebrachte Hass und Neid gar nicht durch dich verursacht worden,  sondern nur durch die Projektion des anderen Menschen.


Wir sind nicht verantwortlich für die Gefühle der anderen Menschen sondern nur für unsere eigenen Gefühle und Gedanken die wir aussenden. 

Bleibe in der Balance und lasse dich dadurch nicht beeinflussen.